custom videos

How would you like to see me and my girlfriends bring YOUR kinky fantasy to life? I offer commissioned custom videos for the purpose of satisfying your specific fetish needs and desires.

Some fetishes that interest me include: bondage, lesbian domination, transformation, erotic magic, pantyhose fetish, sleepy/knockout/limp play, pee, hypnosis/mind control, POV humiliation, femdom, fetish saavy hardcore girl/girl & boy/girl, wet & get the drift! 


Cadence Lux available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl, boy-girl TBD (7/25-26)
(available w/ Michele James)

Michele James available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl & boy-girl (7/25)
(only available for customs w/ Cadence Lux)

Terra Mizu available for most fetishes up to topless w/ hitachi (7/23)


**We are taking the month off from shooting with the exception of shooting at FetishCon early in the month. Check out the list of attending models here. Please keep in mind that we will only have access to shooting in a hotel room and that models' availability may be limited.


Carissa Montgomery available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl (Local)

Michele James available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl & boy-girl (Local)

Olivia Rose available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl (Local)

Zoe Bloom available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl & boy-girl (Local)

Ava Minx available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl & boy-girl (Local)

Adara Jordin available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl (Local)

Jamie Knotts available for most fetishes up to nude w/ hitachi (Local)

Nadia White available for most fetishes up to hardcore girl-girl & boy-girl (Philly)

Rachel Adams available for most fetishes up to nude (Western OH)

 *Always open to shooting performers who are not listed here -please feel free to inquire. Note that most agency represented girls will require to be paid their full day rate and agency fees. Also, please note that non local models may require expenses to be paid*

Maybe you have a script or just a general idea of what you want...I can work with either. Once I have all of the details of the custom, such as: how many models are involved, length of video time, location, specific props, clothing, etc., I will then be able to quote you a price. Please be as specific as you can. Any inquires and price quotes can be directed to Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Every script I receive is unique. Therefore, each script is treated and priced accordingly. I do not have set prices for customs. So, a script or a very descriptive idea is ideal. The more performers in the video, the more the video costs. If there is hardcore sex, the video will cost more. Some scripts tend to be very specific with wardrobe, supplies, props, locations, etc. Usually I have everything that is requested but on many occasions I do need to purchase wardropes/props. I do ask for those costs to be covered in addition to the cost of the video.
If you have a specific location that I do not have access to, locations rates can be discussed and will need to be covered by the customer. As far as hardcore adult content goes (depending on the acts performed), I tend to charge the standard adult industry rates for hardcore for both male and female performers. I sometimes require that industry standard STD testing be covered in the cost. I require payment in full before I confirm a day to film and book your custom script. Once payment is made, the script is final. I do NOT except Paypal for payments. Payment is as easy as me sending an invoice and you paying it. All major credit cards are accepted, you pay no additonal fees and you do not have to sign up for anything.

All clips are shot in HD 1080p and can be rendered HD quality or standard quality WMV, MOV, MP4 or whatever format you desire. I send the file(s) via link through dropbox but can accommodate to your needs as well. I do NOT offer DVD or BluRay. You can usually expect to see the download email in your inbox within a week after the shoot date. I do reserve the right to post the videos to my clips stores at least a month after you have received the video.

Would you like to be added to my email list for updates on models that I have available for customs? Just send me an email here!